2014 Werewolf Horror Calendar

A full year of full moons, featuring...

Crowdsourced Carnage

We're raising funds for production, delivery and artist payment on Indiegogo, with calendars going in the mail by September 2013. You'll be able to get a 11" x 17" calendar for $25. Also available for backers: art prints, buttons, an e-book, custom art from the artists, and the ability to make thousands of people aware of your birthday.

In October, the calendar and e-book will be available for purchase directly through this web site and Gumroad.

The Artists


Anique Zimmer

Might draw: a werewolf walking away from a hole in a frozen wilderness lake (possibly injured, with cabin lights in the treeline) or a werewolf attacking horses in a burning barn (2014 is year of the Horse).


Keryn Everett

Might draw: A pair of werewolves sharing a 'romantic' kill set against a backdrop that hints of winter coming to an end, and spring starting to creep in.


Vanessa Hughes

Might draw: Fights can easily erupt between hot-headed top predators, I wish to express an aggressive display or territorial dispute between two competing werewolves.


Cari Corene

Might draw: When I think of April, I think of misty rain and blooming cherry trees. Expect my watercolor painting to include extra red splattered across those cherry blossoms and dark water trickling with a crimson hue over rocks.


Amanda Kadatz

Might draw: Something involving mid or post-transformation, maybe set somewhere public so bystanders can look on in horror (or rather, start running!)


Al Lukehart

Might draw: I am leaning towards an illustration of a furious female werewolf in a gruesome mid-transformation!



Might draw: I've not quite decided yet, but I'd like to do something with werewolves tearing apart vampires, or possibly some other sort of fantasy monster.


Glen Ostrander

Might draw: I'm undecided on what I'm bringing to the table for August. But, what I do know is, it won't disappoint the werewolf aficionado community. They're going to be in for a real treat!


Tandye Rowe

Might draw: A school teacher transforming in the classroom.


Bob Berry

Might draw: October... werewolves.... need I say more?


Melissa Steben

Might draw: November is quite a dark month. At the moment for my piece, I am thinking of placing a werewolf at a kill, with a spooky forest background (with barely any leaves left on the trees!). Having it start snowing a bit might be a nice element to flow on to the next month.



Might draw: I was thinking of a bloodied werewolf, gangly and emaciated to show off the bizarre human-animal hybrid anatomy. Multiple werewolves may be present to aid in the composition. The setting of the picture will tie in to the month of the calendar, though it is likely it will not be holiday themed.


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